Our Adoption Store

We wil be selling various handmade goods to raise money for our adoption! All donations will go through Lifesong for Orphans, an organization that takes 0% of what you give. We are very excited to start off by offering you these hand-drawn greeting cards by Marie, Addy, and Mercy!

Suggested donation: $3 for 1, $5 for 2, $7 for 3 + postage.

You are {always} welcome to donate more 🙂 . Please email Marie [marie{dot}burtt{at}gmail{dot}com] with which cards you want and how many. Then go to our mySTORY to donate.

birthday trio by Marie

car trio by Mercy

thank you by Marie

forever friends by Marie

leaves duo by Addy

kitty by Mercy

outdoors trio by Marie

kitty and fish duo by Addy

Other ways to help:

  • Share our mySTORY giving page
  • Donate handmade goods for us to sell
  • Buy coffee! 50% of your purchase goes towards our adoption plus 100% of profit goes to orphan care

Our Adoption Journey

Our family is embarking on a new adventure — a Colombian adoption! We are so excited and would love for you to be a part of this adventure. We are still learning and researching about South America and Colombia. We are planning and prepping how to raise money. We are filling out form after form. And we are praying a lot. ❤

Where is Colombia, you ask?

Colombia is located in South America and is a mostly Spanish speaking country. It was originally inhabited by indigenous people until the Spanish arrived in 1499. Colombia declared independence from Spain in 1810. The capital of Colombia is Bogota, which is home to 8 million people. Because of its diverse cultural history, Colombians might consider themselves ethnically Mestizo (which means their ancestry is either Spanish, Hispanic, American Indian or simply not one of the minorities) or Afro-Colombian, Indigenous-Colombian or Romani.

Roman Catholicism is the majority religion. It is a country rich in culture — music, literature, festivals, theater and more. The climate is also diverse and includes snow-covered volcanos and the Andes mountains as well as tropical beaches, grasslands, dense forests, jungles and farms. The peso is the currency of Colombia.

As for our adoption — we are hoping that it takes around a year. We are on phase one: PAPERWORK and HOMESTUDY.
Our first financial hurdle is $6000. We want to update you guys every step of the way because we know how many of you are excited and ready to help us. There are two ways you can support our adoption,
1. donating through our sending organization Shepherd’s Staff here (tax deductable but please let us know it is for the adoption)
2. giving through paypal here (not tax deductible)
We will also be launching our Etsy site featuring the art of Marie, Addy and Mercy {coming in a week}. If you have any ideas for fundraisers, please let us know!