the moment when my entire person wished desperately to be back in california, if just for five minutes.

By Family

i have too many feelings to explain. too many thoughts to gather.


i love this kid. she’s my sister and my best friend.


sometimes you just have to share the silly moments because best friends do that. i hope you chuckle or laugh as much as i did while picking out these pictures.


but i need to share one last picture. i apologize to anyone that feels like this picture is too real. but the fact of the matter is, this is real. all during my pregnancy {with mercy}, she quoted “baby mama” and claimed that she was going to be my “biwthing pahtner.” but when it really happened, she was my birth partner. this picture was taking less than one hour before mercy entered the world. every time i look at it, it makes me cry.








sister, i can’t believe you are getting married. sheesh. ugh. grrr. sniff. cough.


okay fine, i have no good way of trying to put my feelings on paper, errr, blog world. i am so excited for you. tanner is getting a very, very, very amazing wife.


i love you.