learning how to craft in moldova

By Moldova

i did a little bit of successful crafting ’round here and wanted to share it! it feels good to feel the crafting urge come back. (insert long story.) this is a wreath i made that i gave as a house warming gift.

purchase the most hideous wreath at the second hand that you can find…

is that a potato?

make yarn pom poms (i read different blogs and this is the closest to the method i used):

let this cute thing make pom poms too!

make a zillion pom poms, planning on making this wreath:

wrap wreath in ribbon and discover that you really like the look of the ribbon:

start tying pom poms on the wreath:

search high and low for your pom poms and discover they are currently in use:

realize you like this look instead, with some ribbon showing…but that it needs a little something more:

make a few felt flowers. i am sure there are a zillion tutorials online but i actually just watch my sister, sarah make these and did what i remembered her doing. i used a hot glue gun that isn’t pictured.

take a picture before giving as a gift!