a photo recap

By Family, Moldova

here is a compilation of pictures from our visit with grammie and pops. i would say the trip was, hands down – – amazing. they had a slightly rough time getting here – – being re-routed through istanbul {not constantinople – – and yes, i do make myself laugh} and losing their carry-on luggage for two days. how you can lose your own carry-on luggage, well the answer lies with lufthansa. or possibly istanbul. they showed up a few hours late in the best of spirits. i think they took all of one day to recuperate. i’m guessing their grand-kids sped the process up. they cheerfully bought clean underwears until their luggage showed up. their visit was a mixture of showing them our daily life here in moldova and enjoying some of the tourist-y things we had never done. it was a whirlwind of two weeks. my mom and i had more than one special day out. it was perfection, really. ♥


disclaimer: overload of pictures



don’t say you weren’t warned

feel free to stop reading this post

there are in fact seventy-five pictures coming up


grammie and addy reunited ♥

grammie and mercy reunited the next morning ♥

the amber necklace that grammie brought that has already worked miracles!

grammie and addy looking at addy’s birth pictures…

grammie’s birthday breakfast:

pops and his girly ♥

silly girls

kisses too {mercy’s hairstyle is natural fyi}

berry breakfast:

pop lovies

chisinau botanical gardens

who let the men lead the way?

so instead grammie put addy in charge! she’s all too natural.

then grammie taught addy how to act like a tree. hopefully grammie doesn’t kill me for adding this picture to the blog!

and she {grammie} taught her {addy} about slugs.

then they found sticks and went hiking:

mercy needed her own sized hiking stick.

apples + exploring…

mama lovies, too. ♥

little girl sitting on top of a rock?

{with a little help, maybe}

botanical garden beauty.

does it get any cuter?

oh this kid.

she loves us, really she does!


grammie watching a movie with her girls:

grammie got her picture in front of “stephen the great” {well technically his side}

and of course a lion.

showing grammie and pops some authentic moldovian food:

daddy said no. i guess it’s a good thing.

oh this kid. she is growing up too fast. {and yes, i am wearing an apron.}

she was helping pops and told him, “pops, i could really use some glasses here.”

my mama’s birthday

“mexican” food in moldova.

she drinks diet coke with style!

pops’ souvenir…

it’s love ♥

my crazy one year old!

then i touched a zebra for the first time!

there must be a bond between these two!

gorgeous ♥

she was letting lamby meet the animals…

awesome close bear!

grammie’s girls:

the ability to get oh so close to the animals!

those smiles…

she came running up to me and said with those dark, serious eyes, “you keep lamby safe from the ducks and gooses!”

this picture warms my heart beyond words ♥

and this one just makes me giggle!

they love each other.

a special dinner with the team from phoenix:

oh those kisses ♥

birthday party before:

birthday party after (and more pictures to follow of the birthday festivities)!

we went to the little amusement park next to our house and rode pretty much every ride for $5. mercy was somewhat jealous she wasn’t on the rides.

notice the crying? pops said, “you get sit in front and drive the boat.” addy started wailing, “but i don’t know how to drive a boat!”

much happier girl on her pops’ lap…

addy and mama on a ferris wheel that daddy refused to go on:

then grammie made daddy and mama go on this ride. the actual ride wasn’t scary but i will admit the creaking metal was a little worrisome, ha!

addy loves these bounce houses and mama is way to old fyi…

we ended friday with an impulsive lunch in a castle…

addy was completely in heaven ♥

we can’t wait for them to come back!

we love you guys and miss you!