Some of you might not know it, but today marks my 5 year anniversary to Marie.  In honor of her us, me, I give you:

5 Ways to Know You Married the Right Woman


  1. She Makes Delicious Food – I don’t know if you’re familiar with Eastern European cuisine, but it’s not the same as in the States.  It’s not bad, by any means, but there are a few dishes that I wouldn’t offer my friends 😉  Cooking 3 meals a day for 4 people isn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination.  Now do it gluten-free (except for me), with products whose ingredients you can’t read, and in an extremely small kitchen.  On top of that, it’s good – every time!  I think she’s either some kind of conjurer of good food or she puts crack in all our meals…
  2. She Attracts Your Eye – I’m not going to get all graphic and weird on this blog, but let me just say it simply.  My wife is smokin’ hot.  Sometimes, like every woman, she struggles with her self image.  When this happens, I gently reassure her that she’s full of crap and/or has been ingesting too much of the aforementioned crack.
  3. She Rears the Children Well – I’m not implying that she does it alone.  Seriously, guys, if you think raising a family is “women’s work” then you need to wake up.  What I am saying is that you never have to worry about her methods.  When she has the kids, you’re confident she’ll make the right decisions, every time.  You trust her in that.  I do.
  4. She Inspires with Her Words – I’m not saying you have to be married to a professional poet or something.  It’s not like I wake up every morning and she’s crafted a new Maya-Angelou-ish quote for me.  I mean that she builds me up and doesn’t tear me down.
  5. She Empowers Your Dreams – I’ve had a desire for a long time to be in ministry.  In 2009, when I thought it was time to leave the great job I had at a pharmaceutical company, she was all for it.  We knew it would be a significant lifestyle change.  When we had been planning to come to Moldova, she was supportive the whole time we prepared.  And even now, as I’m working on pet projects and being a better man, my wife empowers and supports me.

God knew what He was doing when He put the two of us together.  Life is never easy, but it’s easier knowing that we’re together through it.


Happy Anniversary, Marie,


I love you!


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