a bit of moldova

a compilation of pictures from life in chisinau…




a rainy day means a picture without people.
IMG_9237i would like to think i have become the kefir master.

IMG_9905hmmmm, hopefully it is natural, not some reaction to pesticides!

IMG_9839yes, yes we did buy our children an inside trampoline in an apartment. they. love. it.

IMG_0092i have no idea. but they were for sale at the grocery store. last month.

IMG_9709a little summer addition to our park.

IMG_0616living in the center adds new fun, like playing a game of “spot the foreigner.”

IMG_9461what’s weird about this picture? nothing. except i am wearing my fall jacket. and it was july. can’t really complain though!

IMG_0615some days i need my fall jacket, other days i need moldovan air conditioning.

IMG_0364maybe i am missing something but i’m confused why moldova is remembering an american astronaut.

IMG_0679i am going to guess that our neighbors did NOT leave a forwarding address for their bills.

IMG_0367impromptu baby dedication at church.

IMG_9900the mamas and the dads prayed for their kids. pretty cool.

IMG_9899father’s day with daddy’s youngest princess.

IMG_0106and his oldest princess.


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