a letter to addy before she was born

a letter i found on my laptop this morning. it feels pretty appropriate to have a good laugh on the “eve” of my due date!

written five days after addy’s due date:

Dear Addysen Grace,

Sunday was your due date but it came and went and you stayed safely inside my tummy. On Monday we took a long walk and went shopping with your Grandma Klein and your Auntie Dora and then I went to yoga class but you still did not come out. On Tuesday, Dad and I went to our doctor appointment and Dr. Fischbein said nothing was happening yet and I was a little discouraged. On Wednesday I had reflexology that is supposed to induce labor. Then I took another long walk and I drank a total of EIGHT ounces of castor oil. That was a very long night and yet still you did not come out. On Thursday I had more reflexology and I will confess I spent part of the evening crying…but oh no you decided to stay in a little longer. On Friday we walked all the way from our house to the Westlake Promenade to see the tree lighting ceremony and fireworks. I ate an entire cup of habanero salsa and almost threw it up before we walked back home. And guess what? Even that didn’t make you come.

I’m starting to wonder, will you ever come out?


Marie Klein Burtt

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