a little more spice to life?

By October 29, 2010 5 Comments

addy would like you to know:


the coolest thing is how addy “gets it.” addy and christian were able to go with me to our ultrasound. when they were getting me ready, christian asked her, “what’s in mama’s tummy?” and she nonchalantly replied, “baby. my baby.” i think we can thank stephanie for popping a baby out to teach addy this concept!

as for details…baby should make his or her appearance in late may or knowing my record (addy was two weeks late), possibly early june. we’ve decided to NOT find out what baby is…which means we will have to come up with a cute, boy or girl nickname. lastly, don’t look at me weird and please don’t smell too weird…i might puke on you. just be warned,

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