a mama and me sort of day

sometimes foster kids are given a chance to go and do something fun which at the same time provides the family with respite care (a rest). last weekend, our older girls headed to oxnard, auntie sarah headed to long beach and i spent two days not really knowing what to do. ๐Ÿ™‚

friday night we went to conejo valley days…which was fun enough i guess but pretty much something like auburn fair only without all the animals/showing/competition. you had to pay to get in and then the only things to do required money…ahhh the life of a cheapskate! they had rides but since addy was the only kid, we didn’t pay for her to go on any (and we had just been at disneyland the week before). they had fair games and food which we weren’t really tempted by. they had a pony ride for $5 and a petting zoo for $3. i did find myself being drawn into the petting zoo since 3/4 of the animals were pygmy goats. (random fact about marie…i raised/showed pygmy goats for MANY years.)


addy was drawn to the petting zoo also. she kept saying, “ohhhh mama, dog-dog!”


she kept telling the goats all sorts of things i know nothing about. they really had a little love affair going on.


here she is giving this little fella kisses which he was more than happy to give back to her. we didn’t even have to pay to feed them…they liked her just the way she was!


possibly because they thought her hair was straw. at one point this little guy came up behind her and all of a sudden i heared her say, “oh ow ow!” and i looked and he had chomped a little clump of blond baby hair right off! this is her giving him a talking to! she really is saying, “no no ow ow!”


there was a band playing some sort of blue grass/folk/old rock music and addy was a fan.


dancing to the tunes…


people watching with mama


saturday i finally made this ballerina tutu from material grammie gave us. she thought she was pretty cute in this little apparel.


hanging out in panties with her daddy. can she look anymore like a toddler? where did my baby go?!


she always asks to eat sitting on the floor (i don’t know why). saturday morning, i figured why not?


she spent some time filling her belly button with oatmeal…


and showing off a seriously adorable pot belly. ๐Ÿ™‚


2t panties are the smallest i can find anywhere and they are not very small…but they sure look cute (and a little funny when you are still wearing all your 12 month clothing!)


this last one cracks me up. i went for a jog (with her in the stroller). for some reason, even though it was 70 degrees already, addy still thinks she needs to wear her beanie and scarf when we go for a jog. she’s really into that scarf, if you can’t tell from the picture!

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  • jledwards says:

    wow! she looks so much like you and sarah here! so cute! am really looking forward to seeing you very soon!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mama Klein says:

    I miss you girls already! Counting the days until Indiana!