a month of thankfulness

By November 5, 2011 No Comments

let’s just pretend today is the first of november instead of the fifth. 🙂 i have excuses, right? anyway, november is a great month. it’s my birthday month AND it’s a time to be thankful. i wish i could say i focused on being thankful all year. practice makes perfect though, so for the month of november, i am going to try and be extra thankful!

day one: i am thankful for the birth of this amazing little person, mercy adoniyah. what a blessing to be her mama!

day two: i am thankful that the Lord gave me such an amazing, helpful and totally handsome husband. the Lord does give us good things!

day three: i am thankful for this goofball of a child, addy grace. she will be three this month and every day is a blessing and adventure with her. she truly shows me what it means to become like a young child.

day four: i am thankful for this amazing person…my sister, dohdoh (aka sarah). we’ve been through a lot this past almost three years that she has lived down south with me.

this is just the beginning, i hope! twenty-five more days of thankfulness!

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