a photo tour of sorts!

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I know this post is long, long over due. In all honestly, though…we just finished putting our apartment together. For the most part, we have everything we need. We would like to get a bookcase at some point and eventually a television for our Wii but those are the non-necessities. We are also hopefully getting a printer this coming week! But enough about that…here’s the good stuff…a few too many pictures of our new home:

original living room

original master bedroom

original kitchen sink

our balcony

our stairwell door

our mailbox

our front door

our new kitchen sink + our washing machine

fridge, microwave and more

stove + spices on the windowsill

super cute + super stinky bathroom

newly "remodeled" living room (aka language study area)

table and chairs (we got to choose the fabric!)

super amazing mattress

craftiness will happen here

the girls' room

mercy adoniyah ♥

addy grace ♥

school and art center

my laundry "dryer." it's pretty cost efficient.

a frozen nighttime view of our "neighborhood"

a "community" playground of sorts and the amount of snow when we got here

the amount of new snow we got last week

and just a handful of pictures from this past month…

baby girl bath time

big girl bath time

one of the three pictures i took our first few weeks here...

celebrating dada's birthday

"walking" from her crib to a box!

an american-type coffee shop and sarah's last full day here...

these two bring so much joy into my day. i can't imagine my life without them. ♥

oh happy day. we unpacked our art supplies!

notice the purple bruise. we have concrete walls, fyi...

she is in love with real food. not pureed. real.

she still thinks the snow is new and exciting. she's crazy.

I think it is starting to feel like home yet I know that it will also take time. I keep reminding myself of what my mom told Addy: our home is wherever Dada and Mama and Addy and Mercy are together. ♥

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  • Florin44us says:

    Nice pic. Thanks for sharing. I like the style 🙂  similar overhere 🙂 

  • Pope Whitney says:

    Yes, thanks for sharing. We are praying for you guys!

  • Carrie, RtK says:

    Oh, I’m so glad you gave us a tour!!! Fascinating and amazing and it helps us to picture where you are and what you’re doing much better. This was such a fun and intriguing post! Thank you for sharing. Praying for you guys!

  • Pook says:

    Thank you for sharing the update:) How the kids like the new country?

    • Marie says:

      Pook, the girls are doing great and Addy is really adjusting well, I think! Hopefully she will start kindergarten soon and then she will learn the language!

  • Jen says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!  I feel so at home in your little flat!!! 🙂  Just like every other flat in the former Soviet Union, LOVE IT!!  So glad you found a new sink for that kitchen.  You say your bathroom is super stinky…does it always smell like toilet no matter how much you clean the toilet???  We have had that problem and we know of other flats with the same problem.  Something with the piping under the toilet or something.  So sorry…hope you figure out a solution or a nice smelling thing to put in there! 

    I am so excited for you guys and this “adventure” you’re on.  May your home become a wonderful refuge for you and your family, but also a special place of hospitality for many others where they experience our Father’s love through you!  Love you and still looking forward to skyping with you all!

    • Marie says:

      Jen, I have no idea what to do about our bathroom! We clean it a lot and I have a bleach/water spray that I constantly spray in the corners, around the toilet, etc…it is completely unfinished around the bathtub and the toilet is kind of loose…:-/