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this is a catch up post. i am going to get two months worth of activities done at once. we are doing well…healing…allowing the Lord to move and work…and staying very busy! summer activities hit full force and i find myself with less time than before for things like laundry, cooking and cleaning…much less taking pictures! i don’t know how, since i have 3/4 less kids in the house but who knows!

this is my little girl. i think she is eighteen months in this picture. now she is almost 20 months which i think means we are done with months. do i say one and a half or soon will i say going on two? either way she sounds so old! she is such a joy in my life and has really made me smile and laugh these past two months.

this was a visit from uncle drewgie. five minutes into him being here, addy knew he was always willing to break the rules for her.

who could go to bed after that?

we all went to indiana for my cousin laurie’s wedding. i don’t have any pictures yet…i’m planning on stealing (getting?) them from sarah!

i made gluten free muffins for the first time ever. i made banana muffins so i didn’t even like them…but addy loved them!

zachary’s mohawk (shhhh, don’t tell his dad!)

auntie sarah’s 22nd birthday

yup, that’s muh kid

father’s day. this year we had grammie, pops and auntie dora visiting! can you tell that she is a little excited to give him his cards (which were not all from her…she was excited to give him cards from others, too!)

does it come any cuter?

one time long ago, she drove me crazy…but now she is my friend (awww, insert gooshy comments here). i wuv her a lot, but no…i cannot move in with you and sleep in bunk beds. 🙂

finger painting! addy loves, loves, loves crafts…so most afternoons after nap, we have a little craft. normally they aren’t this intense nor messy. but sometimes we like to live on the edge around here!

potty training and enjoying old sesame street shows…i love that she still has some baby chubs on her!

we went on addy’s second missions trip to mexico. we went to calvary training center, la gloria and it was an awesome trip. addy did great and made friends everywhere she went. she came home saying, “hola!”

gwen also came with her mom, melissa. it was fun having another toddler on this trip.

doing a little work around the place:

hanging out together:

one of the things we did was take a group of kids to the beach. some of the kids had never even seen the beach before. they never even hesitated. they got out of their van and just ran straight for the water. maybe i should mention it was freezing. not overcast and nice but actually freezing. like windy rain in your face with the chills kind of cold.

gwen had a healthy sense of “that’s just plain dumb to get in the water.”

addy on the other hand didn’t even care. i finally had to bring her out of the water when her lips looked blue and her teeth were chattering.

most of the kids didn’t have swimsuits…some went in their underwear (smart, because they had dry clothes to put on afterward). some just went in their clothing.

this little guy was so cold at one point that his whole body was shivering.

addy was very busy moving all the sand!

i think this is the only picture of addy and mama in mexico…thanks christian!

“hey, it’s not working!”

“that’s cause it goes the other way!”

taking a break to warm up…

shopping…this is what we tend to think of when we talk about tijuana…

boys being boys

addy being addy

calvary chapel skyline with the ctc la gloria staff:

calvary chapel skyline with calvary chapel gilroy:

brennan, angelina, james and charmaine (ctc la gloria staff):

haircut! i gave addy the teeniest, tiniest trim. it wasn’t much because her hair isn’t very long yet. but she had this little duck-tail-mullet thing going on and it was starting to make me laugh…here’s an example of what i’m talking about:

i didn’t really touch the front. i don’t want bangs (no mom, i don’t think i’m that scarred from the 90’s poof), i just want her hair to grow! this picture by the way, was me telling her, “say cheese addy!”

ahhh yes, play with mama’s ipod so you will sit still for a picture! i was surprised after trimming it, because it got a little more curly and flipped out. definitely an improvement in my opinion. bye bye mullet for the second time!

i had forgotten that in may 2009, we cut her dark baby hair mullet off also. wow, i forgot how dark her hair was!



family camp. yet another example of NOT taking pictures. i don’t think i even picked up the camera. these are a few pictures sarah snapped with my camera. what is wrong with me?!

it was a blast. families camped the entire time, part of the time or just came up for the day. addy did surprisingly well sleeping in the tent on an air mattress. the only rough part was that she was still getting over her cold and kind of miserable. we realized that we also need a bigger tent so that she can have her own pack n’ play.

pastor manny is preaching through mark on wednesday nights. i was reflecting on this verse this past week:
“but these are the ones sown on good ground, those who hear the word, accept it, and bear fruit: some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some a hundred.” mark 4:20
it’s more than just hearing. it’s more than just accepting. it’s bearing fruit also, which includes growth, pruning and all that “stuff.” how’s the ground of our hearts doing? are we the bearing fruit kind or the choking fruit kind?

until next time!

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