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a few random pictures i found on my phone of addy. my feisty, determined, spirited, goofball four-going-on-twelve daughter.


grammie sent us back to moldova with a ballerina outfit and kit. addy now puts shows and performances on for us. mercy is the ticket master. ahhh yes, your average first born/second born setup.
IMG_0857addy has a sense of humor. this was her getting ready for school. “hey mama, i put my tights on my babas!” <-- yes, babas are the child approved term in a household that nursed the babies, fyi. IMG_0594contrary to popular belief, addy doesn’t ALWAYS smile beautifully for the camera. she can in fact have a bad day. typically it comes from not getting to wear a princess dress to school. some days mama has to overrule and put her in {adorable} plaid purple leggings. but hey, i am just the mom!
IMG_0645mastering el wink-o.
IMG_0816i cut my kids’ hair if they ask. i just don’t think it is worth my fight. addy has always wanted short hair until last year. now she is on a rapunzel kick.
IMG_0678i think i’m gonna like it.
IMG_0924birthday presents for sissy {thanks emmy!} with a few goodies for addy too.
IMG_1166it says things like “i love you sebastian.” sebastian and addy go to school together. okay i am gonna be 100% honest. we aren’t trying to “encourage” their relationship, but his mom lauren and i MIGHT be planning family vacations already. no use in avoiding it, if it is inevitable, right?!
IMG_1167headed out on a little date with my girlie.


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