addy’s one year photo shoot

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yes, i’m finally posting addy’s one year pictures…even though now she is thirteen months! we had a little photo shoot, courtesy of auntie sarah and it turned out great (even though we woke her up, put her in a dress and took her picture all before sarah left on an airplane on an early saturday morning!)

addy is still an easy baby (toddler?) as you can maybe tell from the pictures. she is just very busy…something we should have guessed when she was trying to walk around the coffee table at five months old (before she had even learned to crawl). i really can’t turn around…she has discovered how to open baby locks and if the bathroom door isn’t completely latched, she’ll gladly put all her toys away IN the toilet.

however i haven’t met a happier baby yet. she is adjusting pretty well to three more kids in the home and simply trying to “catch up.” she pretty much spends the entire day running after them! she grew so fast in the beginning and now the doctors say she is “petite” for her age…guess she blends in well with the other “shorties” in the family!



mama’s happy girl


christmas teddy bear that plays music


that bow is barely hanging in there!


checking out the grass


she gives everything a hug or kiss lately


this is one of my favorites!


still eats anything she can find


oh yes, opinionated too!


oh to be amazed by your own fingers…


and she communicates well. this one says: ALL DONE!

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