an addy morning

By August 1, 2010 2 Comments

addy is a toddler in every way including her obsession with routine.


she takes her diaper off “ewwww gross!” and throws it away.


she gets a book read to her while she, well you can figure this one out!


she yells at the top off her lungs, “yi-yoh off!” which unfortunately does no good because shiloh hasn’t figured out that her other name is “yi-yoh.”


she helps mama make banana-raisin oatmeal with “fife rai-ins” which means we count out five raisins. i have no idea where she came up with wanting five and only five raisins in her oatmeal.


she watches elmo’s world while mama and daddy have quiet time (not sesame street, just elmo’s world).


we find her like this if she finishes before us. don’t worry…if i freaked out every time i found her on top of something, i’d be a freaked out parent. you can’t tell but we had already lowered her high chair due to her freakish monkey tendencies.


this one isn’t so routine but often she gets loose while getting dressed and takes a reading drive…hey, it’s better than texting while driving, right?!


she gets her hair done and brushes her teeth with her dora electric toothbrush. i didn’t get a picture but she also kisses dora before she turns it off each time. weird?

and that is 25 minutes in addy’s life.

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