angels unware.

i fed a boy named mihai today. i don’t know where he came from or where he went. but i do know he was hungry. today was family day but christian is preaching tomorrow. so while mercy took a nap, christian studied his notes and addy and i decided to browse the second hand piață at the train station. as we were getting our shoes on, i heard someone in the staircase below us speak sharply and tell someone to leave. we walked out of our door and there was a boy sitting on the steps between our floor and the one below us. he was hunched over but i don’t think he was crying.


we were gone for about two hours. as we walked up the stairs, to my surprise he was still there. he looked up at me apprehensively. i think he had been sleeping there. i asked him what he wanted and he mumbled something about food. i’ve mostly been asked for money so i was a little surprised. “wait here,” i told him. “i will get you some food.”


as we walked through the door, addy was all questions.


“is he hungry?”


“does he have a mom and a dad?”


“where does he live?”


“can i give the food to him?”


“can i ask him his name?”


we didn’t have a lot of prepared food, but i did have bread and cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers and of course cookies. it took me a couple minutes to prepare it all. i didn’t have any plastic plates, so i just put it on a regular plate. when i opened the door he looked ready to dart away then immediately surprised when i handed him a plate full of food.


“cum te cheamă?” i asked him.




“nice to meet you, mihai. knock on the door when you are done with the plate.” he nodded eagerly. i was guessing he was about 13 to 15 years old and definitely gypsy origin.


we finished making our lunch and were just getting ready to sit down for lunch when he knocked on the door. when i opened the door, he was smiling shyly and handed me an empty plate. “do you want water?” i asked. “no, i’m good now. thanks.”


and with that final word he turned and silently walked down the three flights of stairs and was gone.


it wasn’t until i turned and went back inside, shutting the door that hebrews 13:1&2 came to mind,
keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters. do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.


maybe i fed an angel. or maybe i just fed mihai, a gypsy kid down on his luck and really hungry.


who knows. but it was a good reminder to me that i am called to. love. people.


if you wouldn’t mind praying for mihai, pray that he is safe tonight. pray that he comes back or someone else ministers to him.




DSC_9874 {afterward we went to the park and enjoyed some day of europe festivities. addy was begging to join these kids, but we said no. man we are lame parents, ha!

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