best quilt yet.

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i never really knew tracey while i attended simpson. there isn’t any reason why – – we just lived in different dorms mostly, had different friends, different classes…you get the picture. i did know who she was because i think one year we lived in the same dorm, different floors. and i remember one cool thing about her – – she has the best laugh. how cool is it to be known by your contagious, completely happy laugh. yeah.


but anyway, since graduating college, i have been blessed to be a part of a moms group on facebook and have reconnected with simpson moms that i am now closer with then when i attended simpson! it has been a blessing especially with living in a new country, far away from friends and family.


if i could buy this quilt, i would. but since i can’t, you probably should. i mean it. someone i know should own this quilt so i can keep on pretending i own it. haha.


seriously though, this is my friend tracey’s quilting blog. quilting is her sanity like sewing or taking pictures is mine. we all need something that tells us, “we are still smart, still have brains, even though our hobbies right now include snotty noses and dirty diapers.”


check out her quilting blog and be uh-mazed.


then buy this baby quilt that completely redefines “gender neutral.”


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  • Tracey Jacobsen says:

    you keep posting things like this you’re going to make me make you a quilt. 😉
    how many of our years overlapped?  and for selfish reasons, I wish we could get our little folks together to play, and we could sew or just chat… *sigh*

    • Marie says:

      I only remember my first year, I think. I transferred as a sophomore and lived in IS ’00/’01, CH the next two years and then credentialed ’03/’04. I know, where are the international playdates? 🙂