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i have really enjoyed my brothers getting married but i will be honest, it hasn’t always been easy. it was actually somewhat difficult to watch my older brother aaron get married. you grow up with your siblings and when you are close in age, often you grow up as good friends. i would say aaron and i grew up as pretty good friends. then someone comes along and they fall head over heels for that person and you are standing there wondering where you fit in.

i was blessed to get cacey nichole as my very first sibling-in-law.

i never felt left out or excluded. i think she went out of her way to make me feel welcome and not awkward. she didn’t treat me any different now that she was married to my brother. she was willing to go from being my friend to my sister and friend.

i have always really appreciated that about her. ♥

i met cacey was i was 12. she became my sister when i was 19. but just this past year, the year i turned 30, i feel like we have become even closer than i ever imagined. we have not only been sisters and friends but we have been mothers together. i have appreciated her honestly, her transparency and her willingness to live sacrificially.

thanks cacey for being such an amazing friend and sister. i have loved spending these past few months seeing you almost daily! i am going to miss our afternoons chatting while the cousins play together.

p.s. please visit me in moldova!

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