maybe the last post.

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okay this might be the last cousins post. unless of course i find more iphone videos i forgot about. but i am pretty sure this is the last of the photos – – a handful i found on my phone that i wanted to share. i think i already posted a bunch of these to instagram but they still deserve a post, right?!



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Oops. I lied. Somehow I found a few more pictures of the time with our cousins when I plugged in my cell phone to update it. This was the first two minutes Addy, Spencer and Emma spent being reunited. Sorry for the blur. They were a little excited, if you can’t tell!


cousins {the summary so to speak}

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let’s be honest here. if i wait until i have sorted through all the pictures from our cousins visit – – well it might be 2013 by then. so here it is.










i deleted the ones i deemed unsuitable.


and yet somehow i ended up with 315. seriously?!


so glance at this post if you so chose. or if you are a grandparent, click on each and every picture and oooo and awwww in grandparent-ly affection.

now you know why we are still adjusting to life without grammie, auntie cacey, spencer and emma. look at how much we managed to fit into three weeks!



post office.

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i am becoming a “pro” at the post office. i now know how to write things like “refused inspection” in romanian and i have my passport number memorized these days.


which means that yesterday was a day for packages! a special birthday something came from dohdoh {for a later post} AND two boxes came from grandma and grandpa ducky…full of birthday party goodies, birthday gift and other things too!


mercy opened her’s first {if you can’t figure out from addy’s voice in the background, ha!}


this one is also for doh…everything princess related is now for addy’s special day, errrr, i mean sarah’s special day!


thanks grandma and grandpa – – it sure makes our day when we get goodies from you guys! ♥

we did it!

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we did two things, my mom and i.


we kept four kids alive and well. uhhhh, well enough. but yeah, living and breathing until cacey got here. yeah we did four kids for ten days and we did it well. {side note, christian was here, but very busy with the church launch.}


and we finished the first of our two granny square blankets. this one is mine. we started the squares in january and then connected them while my mom was here. i know, i know…basically it’s an amazing work of art!


{we aren’t so bad looking either.}


cousins part one {of many, i hope!}

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our cousins have been here nine days.


every minute has been an adventure, i do believe. 🙂


i would like to add more details but since i barely have time to brush my teeth these days – – these pictures will have to do. hopefully soon i will blog about their trip and explain the pics. off the top of my head, this is what we have done so far:


cousins’ camp, mcdonalds, park, adventure walk, indoor play place, “chuckie cheese” type place and the circus.


{we may have been to the park and mcdonalds more than once. nothing quite as good as sixty cent ice cream cones.}


anyway, enjoy these for now!


mercy makes soup

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If you don’t mind a sideways video since I don’t feel like trouble shooting how to fix it…here is a fun clip of Mercy and I in the kitchen together. Dada was sick in bed (still!) and Addy was happily watching her Yo Gabba Gabba of the day, leaving me with just this munchkin to entertain.


swings and kind of swings

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i have a few blogs i would like to get posted but quite honestly, this could be the last one for a few weeks. we have a team from phoenix here to help with the church “launch.” our official sunday morning church service is october 7th. AAAANNNNDDDDD grammie and auntie cacey and spencer and emma get here in TEN days. oh my.


so enjoy this little playground picture overload. you get lots cause i was really just practicing some stuff i learned with my camera and trying to capture the goofs in real life action.


and yes, addy’s lovely green eye makeup is legit. her week old forehead tumble into the radiator managed to bruise her entire face, oh sweet white child of mine. i also love the ones of mercy trying to stand up under the swing. classic mercy.




.random forgotten pictures.

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i forgot to add these pictures a while back. i think i took them in july but the girls don’t look that much different! their love for each other is…obvious…:-D


makin’ stuff

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I have learned to become more resourceful since moving to Moldova. I’ve talked about making laundry detergent, wet ones, etc. I have also been learning to use foods in different ways. Food is very, very seasonal here. During the winter, you will typically be able to buy apples, bananas and citrus at a decent price. The bananas and citrus are imported and the apples are stored like onions and potatoes and carrots (so they will be pretty mushy by the spring). That is just a little picture of life here in Moldova.


Anyway, I don’t have a lot of time lately but I wanted to do a quick post on what we have made and preserved this summer!


1. We canned. We canned pickles in the form of really spicy, kind of spicy and no spice at all. We made salsa and canned that too. Mostly because cilantro and hot peppers are very difficult to find during the winter.

2. We froze fruit. Seasonal fruit is amazing right now. So far we have frozen peaches, apricots, raspberries, cherries and strawberries. I have learned a lot. Next summer I will probably freeze all berries. We enjoy them in smoothies or homemade “ice cream.” We have also frozen some veggies, including zucchini and bell peppers sliced for stir fry and zucchini grated for zucchini bread.

3. We are also leaning to make things that are hard to find. Fresh salsa is a must during the summer – – it is pretty much the same as the canned salsa only uncooked. It is easier than pico because I throw everything in my food processor. I think this batch has 3-4 huge heirloom type tomatoes, 3-4 small green bell peppers, 2 hot peppers, 2 onions, 4-6 cloves of garlic, a handful of cilantro, lime juice, salt, cumin and pepper.

4. We make our own raw nut butter now. Crazy, huh?! It really is so simple and so much more healthier. You simply need one really good food processor and an “S” blade. I use 1/2 peanuts, 1/4 walnuts, 1/4 almonds for Christian and Addy and only walnuts/almonds for Mercy and I. Simply dump all the raw (don’t roast them) nuts in the food processor and blend for about 10-15 minutes. It will go from whole to powder to paste-y to creamy. If it still seems in the powder or paste stage, stick the whole thing in the fridge overnight to let the oils release. In the morning, turn it on and blend for another 10-15 minutes. It should be fairly creamy/runny but if it isn’t you can always add a little grapeseed or walnut oil. I keep mine refrigerated and it is still very creamy and spreadable.

5. Lastly, like I mentioned about frozen fruit – – we have perfected the smoothie. This is my “go to” mothod (for one person) – – blend one (pickle size) peeled cucumber + 1/2 banana + kefir until smooth/creamy. Don’t be turned off by the cucumber. You can’t taste it at all but it really helps make it creamy. Then I add personal favorites. For mine, I add spinach, fresh mint leaves and a handful of frozen berries. For the girls, I add frozen berries, ground flax seed, ground almonds, etc. For Christian, I add peaches, berries, nut butter, etc. Here is a picture of my very green spinach smoothie. When I make “ice cream” I simply blend 1 banana + kefir and then add frozen berries until it is as thick as soft serve.


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we enjoyed a special treat this week…a care package from grandma and grandpa burtt! it was full of goodies and fun {and a couple practical things} and the girls were beside themselves. here are a couple cute videos of the care-package-process.




you have to listen carefully to understand this one. addy actually says, “i haven’t used the purple. i need the purple” right as mercy grabs the purple marker and makes a break for it. oh sisters. ♥



thank you grandma and grandpa…you really made our week!