learning to love each other

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IMG_9873these two love each other. passionately.

IMG_9721but don’t assume it is all personality. they actually like a good fight.

IMG_0089but every day we encourage them. we tell them, “your sissy is your best friend.”

IMG_9710we tell addy, “you protect your baby sister.”

IMG_9740we tell mercy, “if you are scared, your big sister will take care of you.”

IMG_9765and it is really starting to pay off.

IMG_8954they love. love. love. each other.

IMG_8945and it makes my heart so happy. and thankful.

IMG_9856this morning mercy woke up at the very wrong hour of 5:45am.

IMG_0053i heard addy say to mercy, “it is only 5:43 mercy. and our clock has to say 7. wanna snuggle in my bed with me until 7?”

IMG_0100they keep me busy that is for sure. and i am sure one day when i have teenagers, i will gain a few more gray hairs.

IMG_0114but i am so, so, so thankful the Lord gave us sisters.



taxi ride to dinner, bus ride home!IMG_0394IMG_0398

cherry picking!IMG_9794IMG_9795

a sickie

By Kids, Moldova

addy is a happy kid. she is an optimist, social and energetic.
IMG_0149so when she gets sick, neither christian or i know quite what to do.
IMG_0155last week, we came home from our language class on monday and our bouncy four year old was laying silently on the sofa. our babysitter said she had not eaten, not played and not watched tv. red flags.
IMG_0158tuesday she was as in, falling asleep anywhere and everywhere.
IMG_0160even mercy was besides herself trying to comfort her.
IMG_0178she of course needed to sleep in between mama and daddy two nights in a row. (once a co-sleeper, always a co-sleeper.)
IMG_0183finally she was on the mend and then the goal was to keep a very, very, very over-active child quiet for another day.
IMG_0203thank goodness she was back to normal by friday!

santa claus is comin’ to town!

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beware. i just might post every video i haven’t posted. meaning, catch up. i have lots of random cell phone videos. but they are always too big to upload through wordpress. i used to have the free vimeo account which had a weekly limit of about 1-2 videos and i never managed to remember to upload 2 videos a week. nope. i need to be able to mass upload 10 or 20. soooooo i subscribed instead and plan on seriously uploading videos.


on that note, this video is only from yesterday. we are kind of into really into a new christmas cd i got from my brother andrew and his wifey, casey-princess (addy’s nickname for her thank you very much). they (addy and mercy) are obsessed with the santa medley. obsessed. no matter what is going on, mercy starts dancing and addy starts singing. addy got it into her head that i should record their performance. mercy almost refused to dance for the camera (her usual m.o.) but actually started dancing. if you are wondering what the heck addy is doing, look and listen carefully. she likes to sing along with the high part so she is plugging her ears so that she can hear herself sing. um hello? does that make her a natural because i didn’t prompt her or anything. don’t mind the seriousness. they were concentrating very hard on their performance. also, ignore mercy’s gangsta booty. it’s not my fault jeans were not designed for my no-booty kid.



oh and here is the song they are obsessed with:


merry christmas!

through the eyes of a child

By Kids, Moldova

we recently started visiting an orphanage outside of chisinau. it is such good practice for our language! this is my little friend and she loves to take pictures with my cell phone and the first time she took pictures i had over a hundred when i got home! to make things even more fun, not only does she love to take pictures, she loves to take pictures of me. i have never had so many pictures of myself on my own cell phone! enjoy this random post of silly and somewhat scary photos…good thing they are blurry, ha!


my hair stylists.

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how do i study romanian while parenting a four year old and a one and a half year old?


beauty parlor.


meets massage therapist.


i’m studying.


can’t you tell?



a princess party

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here are just a few of my favorites from today…we had a prefectly perfect princess party with a couple of princesses AND a few princes too! it was once again a group effort, thanks to grandmas, aunties and friends. happy birthday, addy grace.

and now? on to christmas!


my monsters.

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i found this blog post and wanted to re-post it. kind of cool to read posts from a year ago. i’m also thinking about doing some sort of days of christmas “series” but i’m not quite sure the extent. maybe i am attempting too much, ha!


as we transition into the christmas swing of things, i thought these pictures might bring a little enjoyment. i call them goofball one and goofball two. maybe i should call them thing one and thing two. long ago in a galaxy not far away and before mercy was born, we had three other little girls and these monster towels from burbank ikea. so you can imagine my excitement when i found them at the bucharest ikea, asking me to buy them.


and this present is a little pre-christmas gift auntie cacey left for us. tomorrow we are going in search of our christmas tree. yay! i can’t wait, errrr, i mean the girls can’t wait!


anywho and whatnot…enjoy!


maybe the last post.

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okay this might be the last cousins post. unless of course i find more iphone videos i forgot about. but i am pretty sure this is the last of the photos – – a handful i found on my phone that i wanted to share. i think i already posted a bunch of these to instagram but they still deserve a post, right?!



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Oops. I lied. Somehow I found a few more pictures of the time with our cousins when I plugged in my cell phone to update it. This was the first two minutes Addy, Spencer and Emma spent being reunited. Sorry for the blur. They were a little excited, if you can’t tell!


cousins {the summary so to speak}

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let’s be honest here. if i wait until i have sorted through all the pictures from our cousins visit – – well it might be 2013 by then. so here it is.










i deleted the ones i deemed unsuitable.


and yet somehow i ended up with 315. seriously?!


so glance at this post if you so chose. or if you are a grandparent, click on each and every picture and oooo and awwww in grandparent-ly affection.

now you know why we are still adjusting to life without grammie, auntie cacey, spencer and emma. look at how much we managed to fit into three weeks!