a sickie

addy is a happy kid. she is an optimist, social and energetic.
IMG_0149so when she gets sick, neither christian or i know quite what to do.
IMG_0155last week, we came home from our language class on monday and our bouncy four year old was laying silently on the sofa. our babysitter said she had not eaten, not played and not watched tv. red flags.
IMG_0158tuesday she was as in, falling asleep anywhere and everywhere.
IMG_0160even mercy was besides herself trying to comfort her.
IMG_0178she of course needed to sleep in between mama and daddy two nights in a row. (once a co-sleeper, always a co-sleeper.)
IMG_0183finally she was on the mend and then the goal was to keep a very, very, very over-active child quiet for another day.
IMG_0203thank goodness she was back to normal by friday!

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