learning to love each other

IMG_9873these two love each other. passionately.

IMG_9721but don’t assume it is all personality. they actually like a good fight.

IMG_0089but every day we encourage them. we tell them, “your sissy is your best friend.”

IMG_9710we tell addy, “you protect your baby sister.”

IMG_9740we tell mercy, “if you are scared, your big sister will take care of you.”

IMG_9765and it is really starting to pay off.

IMG_8954they love. love. love. each other.

IMG_8945and it makes my heart so happy. and thankful.

IMG_9856this morning mercy woke up at the very wrong hour of 5:45am.

IMG_0053i heard addy say to mercy, “it is only 5:43 mercy. and our clock has to say 7. wanna snuggle in my bed with me until 7?”

IMG_0100they keep me busy that is for sure. and i am sure one day when i have teenagers, i will gain a few more gray hairs.

IMG_0114but i am so, so, so thankful the Lord gave us sisters.



taxi ride to dinner, bus ride home!IMG_0394IMG_0398

cherry picking!IMG_9794IMG_9795

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  • traceyjay says:

    so so so precious!
    My Steiger and Scarlet love each other to bits, and it is one of my greatest joys in life. <3