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{By Christian}

Chisinau, Moldova – Days 1-4

I’ve been off the grid for a bit, as Internet was sketchy on my travel here, but I am here safely, and I’ll give you some updates.  Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures.  Maybe I can upload some when I get back to the States
I left Tuesday morning at 1am from LAX (my flight had been delayed over an hour).  I landed in Chisinau, Moldova, on Wednesday evening at 6pm.  With the 10-hour time difference, I had a 33 hour trip, with about 4 hours of sleep.  I haven’t pulled that kind of day since college!

I’ve been with Steven and Teresa and the boys, staying at Cristi’s house in Chisinau with his family.  Our three families will be the church-planters, when my family comes in January.  It has been a blessing spending time here, and I expect Cristi, Steven, and I to have a long-lasting ministry together.

We’ve been spending our time working on Steven and Teresa’s new apartment: painting, wallpapering, and getting things ready for them to move in.  It is very interesting to see poverty and riches in such stark contrast. One minute, you’ll be standing next to a dilapidated wall, and the next you’ll almost be run down by a high-end Mercedes or BMW.

Thursday night we had a Bible Study in a village outside the city.  Steven led worship, Cristi taught a short study, and I got to share my testimony and what God is doing in my family’s life (through a translator, of course!)  That night, it was plain to see that these people love Jesus, and the ministry here can thrive.

Today (Saturday), we’ll be finishing up the apartment, and tomorrow drive back to Briceni to pack Steven and Teresa’s house up.  We’ll move them to Chisinau on Wednesday.  If you get a chance, please pray for safe travels and that all the work would be completed quickly!

Thanks, and I’ll check back in later!

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