dancin’ fools.

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the girls love a ‘dance party’ that’s for sure! we now own three cds of yo gabba gabba and they both have favorite songs. yo gabba gabba has managed to work its way into our life whether or not we like it. but who can complain? music has a way of working wonders on our kids. i don’t know why “just try it, you’ll like it” works the way it does. and i am forever grateful for “don’t bite your friends.” so really, i have no room to complain.


to addy, everything has a little yo gabba gabba in it. while walking home from the store yesterday,
me: i can’t reach it. maybe daddy can some back and reach it.
addy: because he’s tall and friendly?
me: what?
addy: you know, daddy is tall and friendly and i’m pink and happy.
me: oh really?
addy: and you like to have fun.
me: mercy?
addy: oh mama, she’s the little green one.
(if you are curious, listen to the theme song.)


and now i bring you, a little high five dance party…

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