family day

we try and make one day a week a family day. sometimes we work around the apartment. we definitely go slow in the morning and typically go somewhere after nap time. IMG_0683bus ride (and addy’s photog skills)

IMG_0693then we found a really cool place called “baby park” recommended by our language professor. it was completely awesome and definitely the best find for the money. most of the bounce houses set up around the city during the summer cost 10 lei for 10 minutes, but this place cost 30 lei for an hour, or 50 lei for both kids for an hour.




IMG_0709mercy loved this car and its, um, car phone? obviously mercy doesn’t quite understand it and made it a true cell phone.






afterwards we came home and made chocolate milkshakes (made from the “unhealthy” ingredients of kefir, pure cocoa powder, stevia and frozen bananas). i have to confess, they were somewhat amazing.



and finally a few videos. first, addy decided she wanted to go on the 5 years+ inflated slide. it was big, really big. enjoy the various clips and the failed attempt to record her coming down. she make have had a tiny freak out at the top before she calmed and came down. don’t worry, she went five more times after conquering her fear. she is such a dare devil like her mama was.

and mercy, calling her boppy from her mobile phone. kid cracks.me.up.

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