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i met this handsome and yes sexy man exactly five years ago at 6:45pm. i walked into calvary chapel (then thousand oaks, now skyline) and he was the young adults’ leader. i thought he “wasn’t my type” but am i ever glad that i was wrong.

we didn’t waste any time because those of you that can do the math also know that we’ve been married four and a half years already. we knew within a month that we would get married. it was just very peaceful like that.

we’ve done a lot these past five years…including parenting six different kids, giving birth to two kids, quitting our “careers” and moving to another continent. i wouldn’t want to be doing these crazy things with any other person in the entire world.

oh and this little person? well i met her exactly eight months ago today at 6:22pm. she along with her big sister have also rocked my world. 🙂 i love being a mama to this peanut. she’s still small but she seems to be making up for it with a fire-y and very, very determined personality. she adores her big sister. i mean, love. she won’t be contained. she eats everything in sight except the food on her tray. she thinks she can walk. she is a joy in my life.

i also started a journey that moved my family and i to another country exactly one month ago today. my heart still aches when i think about my family and friends. my oldest still dreams of spending tomorrow with her cousins.


enough milestones for today. this is mercy’s song. i don’t know why but seriously sometimes it is the only thing that will make her smile. i don’t really care for the second verse but sarah, ever to the rescue found this awesome cover version.


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  • Traceyjay says:

    what a sweet post!  (and a little sad too)  My hubs and I both at one point said to other people we would never think of dating the other person… though we did go a little longer than 6 months! 🙂  Congratulations to your sweet Mercy and your sweet honey.  And Godspeed finding heart connections where you are.

  • Stephanie says:

    When Alex and I met (at the age of 13!) I thought he was a dork and he thought I was incredibly stuck up:)  Hee Hee!  
    I really enjoy reading your blog Marie!  I admire you and your family so much, thanks for letting me feel like I’m part of it somehow:)