happy birthday addy grace!

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happy birthday, my princess. daddy and i love you so much. you are precious beyond words and make us laugh and smile beyond measure! thank you for teaching me how to be a mama.

three years ago, you were born the morning after thanksgiving. you didn’t come the way i expected you to come. yet God’s hand was upon your delivery and you came out healthy, beautiful and oh so loud. you’ve been loud from day one. 🙂

you smiled early and laughed early. you loved to get into things and make a mess. you were such an easy baby…you nursed well and you ate big people food like a big girl. you loved to play with your food. oh wait, you still do! you crawled early and you walked early. you ran a week after you started walking. you are always on the move.

you were an only child for one year. after your first birthday, you went to being the youngest of four and you did it well. after that you were an only child for the summer before you became a twin for three months. last june you became a big sister for the very first time and you are such an amazing and sweet big sister.

you are naturally grateful. daddy and i didn’t have to teach you to say thank you…you just did it on your own. you love to help anyone and everyone. you already assume the best of everyone and extend grace. your name fits you well.

this next year is going to hold a lot of changes. in less than two months, our family is moving across the ocean to the country of moldova. soon you will be learning russian and romanian. sometimes i worry, but then i look at you and i know the Lord is going to be with you every step of the way. i know there will be hard days. you are too smart and notice every little detail. i also know that your heart is sensitive and you are already learning to trust Jesus.

i am so excited to watch you grow even more this coming year. i am excited to watch you learn more and more about Jesus. i am excited to watch you become a missionary.

daddy and i love you very much!

here are a few of my favorite pictures of you, birth to three years old:

daddy meeting you

my first time holding you

our first family picture

such a pretty newborn baby

your first christmas

your first "santa" picture

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our three year old princess!

“but he said to me, ‘my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ therefore i will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”
2 corinthians 12:9

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