happy easter from addy and mercy ♥

this is what happens when i try to take one quick picture before lunch while the girls are still clean. this is pretty much everything i said while attempting to get said picture. ignore the fact that my camera settings are a little funky in some of the pictures. trying to adjust your shutter speed and aperture while keeping two kooky children in one place was somewhat close to impossible. i needed a nap afterward!


“okay, one quick picture before dinner. both of you look at mama and smile.”“yeah, okay this might be harder than i thought.”
“mercy adoniyah, where did you get an apple? oh from your big sister? lovely.”
“i think you are tickling your sister. move your arm down.”
“um, really? do you have to make those faces right now? smiles would be better.”
“that’s adorable, but just look at mama, okay?”
“addy, i think you are choking your sister. move your arm a little. now smile.”
“mercy, you are not dying. just look happy for one picture.”
“really mercy? happy and crazy are two different emotions. and addy, why do you look intoxicated right now?”
“mercy is smiling! addy look at mama quickly!”
“never mind. when did mercy put her binky in? has she had it for all the pictures?”
“okay, that’s kind of cute. but my settings are a little off. mercy, wait come back.”
“mercy adoniyah, give your big sister back her binky.”
“addy grace, why are you pouting?”
“okay that’s cute. now addy just one big smile.”
“mercy do you really need to eat an entire apple right now?”
“oh, you do? how about mama holds your apple?”
“i’ll take that as a no.”
“okay addy, we are almost done. no, no silly pictures yet. we haven’t actually gotten the good picture.”
“up. look up. what’s so interesting about the floor all of a sudden?”
“no baby girl, leave your dress on. you look pretty!”
“almost done, i promise. addy, what’s wrong with your ear? yes, i know you have earrings from grammie in.”
“yes i know, your mama is very cruel making you stand in one place for this long. just one last smile, okay?”
“leave your headband on mercy girl. addy grace let go of your earrings for a second.”
“this is kind of cute. what? is that apple juice on your dress, mercy? i wonder if dohdoh can photoshop that…”

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