happy father’s day you sexy man.

Addysen's birth 053_2you marry your husband, promising to stick together through thick or thin, good or bad. you hope they will be a good father but you don’t really know. you just know you are in this thing called marriage together and if the Lord gives you kids, hopefully you will learn how to do it together.


well i married an only child but one of the things that caught my eye was his willingness to learn. i have watched him become a father over the past five years and i have been amazed, awe struck, impressed, challenged and comforted. i have watched him go from doing the awkward baby hold and the all too slow diaper change to the brush one child’s teeth while holding another child on the toilet and stay balanced on one foot. or at least that is how it feels somedays.


i have watched him reevaluate his actions, humbly, when things aren’t working.


i have watched him read, research and asks questions, desiring to become a better father.


i have watched him bond with each one of our kids in a unique way.


i am a very blessed woman. i am so thankful to co-parent our home with him. he has no stereotypes, no agendas or attitudes. he sings, bathes babies and cuddles. he pretends to be in the princess stories.


he teaches his children hymns and rap songs.


i love you, honey!




a little interview with addy…
me: how old is your daddy?
addy: 16! old!
me: what color is his hair and his eyes?
addy: um, brown and brown.
me: what does he like to wear.
addy: a shirt!
me: what does he like to eat?
addy: bread with cheese and ketchup? wheat and gluten?
me: why is daddy smart?
addy: cause he loves me!
me: what does he work hard doing?
addy: homework.
me: what does daddy always do?
addy: sing to me and mercy.
me: what makes daddy happy?
addy: when i am a big girl.
me: if daddy could take a trip ANYWHERE, where would he go?
addy: the grocery store! with me!
me: what do you love daddy to do?
addy: tickle me.
me: if you could buy daddy ANYTHING in the world, what would you buy him?
addy: a birthday cake!
me: what is your favorite thing about your daddy?
addy: he gives hugs and kisses ALLLLLL the time!


happy father’s day, christian. we love you!



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  • traceyjay says:

    oh my gosh – LOVED that interview!
    I was just thinking many of these things this morning… that I could not be happier with my choice in my kids’ dad.