happy friday, addy grace

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yes my addy grace was born on a friday. she was due on a sunday, i was in labor an entire wednesday and thursday but she didn’t actually make her appearance until a friday (almost two weeks after she was due). but that’s a different story. ♥

my oldest cracks me up daily. this morning, she awoke promptly at 7am. she called from her room, “mama i am up…come and see me!” excuse me, what? i walked in there and she smiled grandly at me. “mama, i am sooooo hungry.” “good,” i replied. “i am making you oatmeal.” “actually, mama…i’d like a chocolate bar for breakfast!” actually? chocolate bar? whose kid are you? 🙂

she’s a social butterfly and a social eater. she doesn’t care a bit that the other kids are talking in romanian or russian. if they don’t understand what she is trying to tell them, she just demonstrates for them. she’s a little fire-y and quite a bit spunky! she gives me a run for my money when it comes to food. yet yesterday when teresa watched her for two whole hours she consumed an apple, a kiwi, two servings of shepherd’s pie, a rice cake and more. she ate three bites of her dinner for me tonight.

she’s taking this move like a champ. it isn’t always easy. her hardest adjustment was definitely dohdoh going home. it’s been hard watching her little heart ache. a few night ago we could not get her to fall asleep no matter what we did (think 10pm) so we finally let her call sarah on my phone via skype. my heart broke as i watched her lay there and chat with her doh, kiss the phone over and over and at one point just lay her cheek up against sarah’s face. i am reminded of a good friend in montana telling me, “we extend much grace during times like these.”

today she “helped” me in the kitchen. she actually was quite a bit of help. we made a batch of baby food for mercy, truly from scratch. this stuff is so organic and green, we didn’t even use electricity to make it. it has nothing to do with me realizing i don’t own any sort of blender or food processor five minutes into our project. 🙂 we boiled apples and carrots on the gas stove, strained them a little and then mashed them with a wooden spoon and the bottom of a coffee mug. i know, brilliance! she was very proud of our outcome:like i mentioned yesterday, these thursday and friday photos will most likely be on my sister blog also. i might get lazy and just link them. or maybe i will repost!

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