hello mercy, mama’s tired and needs to go to bed…

dear mercy,

you woke me up at 6am this morning. random because normally you are the night owl and your big sister is the early bird. but this morning at 6am you started fussing and calling and we wanted your big sister to stay asleep. your dada went in and brought you out and you were still a little fussy. as soon as you saw me, you lunged for me and once i was holding you, you were perfectly quiet and content. you are your mama’s girl. but now your mama is a little tired.

you’ve been a little warm all day. i think it has to do with that tooth you are trying to get. it will be your third tooth and your first top tooth. slow down a little. stop walking around the living room, using the furniture and walls to help you along your way. could you be my baby for a little bit longer? what if the Lord wants you to be our last baby? slow down just a tad. ♥

thanks for all the kisses and snuggles you give me. they really help cheer me up when i am homesick. thanks for all your giggles and laughs. thanks for “talking” to me all day long. yesterday while your big sister was napping and dada and mama were studying language, you sat between us in your high chair and played for over thirty minutes. thanks for being such an easy and laid back baby. you sure are fun to have around.

we love you a lot. we are thankful the Lord trusted you to us!

Marie Klein Burtt

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