i like me some whisky glazed with chicken.

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google translate just doesn’t cut it. read labels that have been translated by a computer and you will see what i mean. i bought a baking dish today so that i can actually use my oven. on the back of the flier was a recipe. i think we are going to be quite fond of it around here. because, seriously, who doesn’t like a little whisky once it has been glazed with chicken? 🙂

the ingredients include 2/3 glass of chicken soup and 1/3 glass of whisky. i am pretty sure whisky is somewhat similar to whiskey. the directions include phrases such as cut onion into thin semi-rings and even to mill garlic. you also need to fry them until softness. brilliant. but don’t forget to put the chicken above or to make glazing or it might not turn out well. last but not least, after it, from time to time by greasing the chicken with the remaining glazing, bake it for 30-40 minutes. and obviously, obviously…serve with soaked blueberry. it’s the key component to making successful whisky glazed with chicken.

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