international women’s day

we interrupt the typical thursday is about mercy post to being you a special holiday post…

today was international women’s day which is a pretty big holiday. the markets were unusually quiet. there were less maxi-taxis on the road. and i actually think we didn’t get mail today. it used to be a holiday for all working women but i believe it is also somewhat of a mother’s day meets valentines’ day.

i had a great day. i woke up to flowers, a card and special coffee. later on i got a completely awesome set of christmas matryoshka dolls that i had seen at the souvenir piața. in case you are wondering, christmas related gifts are as romantic as it comes in my book. ♥

i went to the piața with teresa and found something at the second hard that i will blog about later. (it’s a gift, so i can’t show pictures yet!) we decided to go into the grocery store for no reason in particular and to our complete amazement we found 100% pure coconut oil. we were very excited because we had finally found it at one farmacie and the price was about 80 lei (almost $7) for a time bottle (100ml, maybe 200?). these containers of coconut oil were 500ml and only 60 lei ($5!). who knows if they will ever get it again, so we bought all they had, ha!

later in the afternoon, christian asked if he could make something particular for dinner. it was sweet that he was willing but cooking is still a lot of work for me and i didn’t really want to throw that one on him. we decided to switch things up a little and go out. where did we go? of course, we went on a family outing to mcdonalds for the first time. strange as it may sound, mcdonalds is pretty stinking classy ’round here. we are talking u.s.a. prices and bmw and land rovers parked in the parking lot.

we had a blast. for the record, addy is distracted not sad in these pictures.

christian enjoyed a cheese burger, fries and coke. addy enjoyed a kid’s meal (possibly her first?) of chicken nuggets (minus a little nugget), fries and an ice cream cone. i enjoy a salad called the mediterranean and a coffee.

mercy was supposed to enjoy this…

but in all honesty, she enjoyed this…

and this…

and this!

yep, my almost-nine month old snatched one of her sister’s french fries and devoured it. i cringe a little because i find the french fry gross but i have to laugh remembering that addy also snatched a french fry and ate it three years ago, when we were visiting moldova for the first time. the ice cream…well okay fine i willingly gave her a bite. seriously, how can you not feed that pitiful face. she just knew our food tasted better than hers. which is completely true.

then we came home and got ready for bed and even managed to lose power for absolutely no reason (everyone else had power) and christian got to go ask oleg, our fifth floor neighbor for the keys to flip our breaker. ah, joys. we also realized we have one tiny flashlight and zero candles. guess what we are buying tomorrow?

happy women’s day, to all the amazing women in my life.

love, marie ♥

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