Isus a înviat!

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easter morning was honestly perfect. i woke up feeling borderline sad (holidays do that fyi) but go figure the sun came up and my Jesus revealed his resurrection to me in a brand new way.


the rest of the day was just what we needed. the girls’ changed their easter outfits multiple times (no, they could not agree on one dress so they wore many throughout the day), we skyped, we worshiped with our new church family (even understanding a wonderful sermon in romanian, thanks Jesus!) and came home for an easter egg hunt, easter baskets, naps, lunch, family movie, eating goodies for dinner and finally falling into bed exhausted! plus? since easter is a national holiday here, monday was also a holiday…a lovely, sunny “recovery” day (and mcdonald’s handed out free ice cream cones all.day.long!)


in america, we say “Christ has risen!” and respond with “He has risen indeed!” on easter sunday. but in romania, we say “Isus a înviat!” and respond with “Adevărat a înviat!” until ascension day (which honestly is a specific day but i don’t know what you count from…it’s over another month though). even the grouchy old lady at the market smiles and responds to addy’s “Isus a înviat!” with a smile every time.












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