sarah was living with us when we found out we were pregnant with mercy. we were also fostering and it was a pretty rough time for all of us. she carried more than her share of the responsibility. she periodically quoted, “baby mama” to me throughout my pregnancy, pretending to be my birth coach. sorry if you don’t care for birth pictures – – but in the end, she became just that. i knew my sister was strong. i knew she was compassionate. but i had no idea she would be the world’s most amazing birth coach ever (sorry, christian!).



i thought that moving overseas when mercy was so young would mean mercy would not be as close to sarah as addy is. honestly, i don’t think that is true. mercy and sarah have a different relationship but it is one of the closest skype relationship i have ever seen. i love that sarah makes it a point to skype each of her girls. one of their newest things is to have a skype “school” while addy is at kindergarten. dohdoh is teaching mercy sign language, which seems to be my quieter child’s preferred method of communication. i love it.



mercy still talks about her dohdoh’s wedding. every time she sees a kiss on tv, she says “dohdoh kiss!kiss!”

mercy (mai2013) from Marie Burtt on Vimeo.

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