love you, sis

yesterday i realized i remember 25 years ago, as clear as day. weird? yes.


i remember my mom telling me she was pregnant. i remember praying and praying for a sister. i remember going to the hospital to meet her and being so, so proud because i got to hold her in the birth announcement picture. i remember i wore a special white barrette to meet her. (do you even remember when hair clips were called barrettes? exactly.)


and when she didn’t come to moldova, i remember being devastated. confused. angry.


but God knew better and brought her a stud, we call hunnybunny. and no, he probably doesn’t like that name but addy named him hunnybunny and you can’t change a four year old’s mind. at least mine, that is.


so now we live a confused relationship of two continents, oceans and sky. i always know what time it is in california. she has things set to moldovan time. i know that 5am AND 4pm are wake up times. voxer and skype link us throughout the day. we can skype for an hour, but say nothing. she has babysat my children via skype while i showered, i confess. during the past seventeen months, we have been in america once and she has been in moldova twice and while it doesn’t get any easier our relationship hasn’t changed.


the word i think of is thankful.


thankful that she keeps up her part of the relationship. thankful that she is willing to spent dollars to fly to moldova TWICE. thankful that she trusted the Lord enough to stay in thousand oaks and meet her stud muffin, {hb}. thankful that she loves me for who i am.


i struggle a little with fear of man, honestly. my sister has never judged me. she doesn’t criticize me. she doesn’t tear me down. she builds me up, encourages me and gives me strength. she goes the extra mile. she takes the first step. she makes things beautiful. she empowers me.


okay if you must know the truth, i asked God daily that our futures would someday include serving alongside each other, living close by. i am a dreamer by nature and i know it’s possible.


i love you sis. i miss you. i am counting the days until i see you again.


Marie Klein Burtt

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