mercy adoniyah, five months old (yeah, nine days late!)

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so here is the peanut’s five month pictures that i forgot to post. yes, she is wearing her newborn onesie as a shirt…maybe it’s a little stretchy?

mercy is a little thing…twelve pounds and twenty-four and a half inches of determination. she joined the ranks of crawlers which seems a little strange to me because she still needs a little help sitting up! she does the inch worm, using her arms and her toes. if she really wants something, she can move pretty fast!

she cries “mama” but that’s about it. she holds her own bottle or likes her big sister addy to hold it for her. she thinks she should watch movies with her big sister also. hmmmm. she already wants to grow up too quickly.

she was NOT into taking these pictures. she ended up coming down with a cold the next day. you still get to see quite a few of her kooky facial expressions, though.


her look when i started taking pictures

her "hold me!" cry

a little glare for mama

distracted by a toy

"talking" to mama

trying to get free

oh those toes

her tongue is always sticking out!

long fingers

goofy ear shot

getting upset again

yes she is complaining

crawling to mama

little smile coming back

what a goof!

crawling to her toy


checking out the carpet

ah yes, drool

starting to gripe again

she melted down after this picture to be held!

love, mercy

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