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disclaimer…i know i have written these letters to my girls before. i apologize if you are sick of them. truth be told, i enjoy writing them because i figure someday they can look back and be embarrassed but know without a doubt that i love them. so that’s the disclaimer. this is a letter to mercy you may read if you’d like. ♥


dear mercy adoniyah,

you are ten months old. ten. months. that’s almost a year.

you act two years old sometimes. yikes. if you don’t want a certain food you smack the spoon away and send the food flying. you already have an opinion of what you think you should be eating.

if you don’t want mama to set you down (because you are an extreme mama’s girl), you arch your back and throw a tantrum. that’s right, you throw a full on legit tantrum at the age of ten months old.

but little girl, you have so many smiles. your entire face lights up when you smile and your eyes sparkle. you give the best open mouth, slobbery licks kisses in the entire world.

you have had a crazy month. we thought you were acting a little extra fussy. we blamed it on the teething, which is partly true because you now have six eight teeth if you include the two pushing through as i write this.

but after a visit to the doctors we also found out that you grew close to two inches in one month which is a personal record for our family. you also gained a little less than a pound. that is a person record for you!

yet you are still kind of a peanut. you wear all 6-9 month clothing and you still wear a size 1 or 2 shoe. you have the best petite baby toes and fingers.

you are tactile. oh. my. goodness. you have almost pulled out mama’s eyebrow ring numerous times. you will sit and touch every textured part of your “touch and feel” books. when i hold you, you need to be running your fingers through my hair for comfort.

you are a lightening fast crawler. you’d like to be a walker but mama isn’t letting you. grammie made me promise i would keep you crawling until may.

when you want your daddy to play with you, you yell across the room at him, “da!” he pretty much stops everything he is doing to come and play with you.

you think your big sister is the best thing in the world. she loves you. she knows her job is to protect you and she does it with a vengeance. i pity the first child that treats you meanly for your big sister to witness. you seem to call your sister “de-ah” which is not “da” and it is not “doh.”

you gave us another big scare this month. we were opening a care package from dohdoh and we had (safely?) buckled you in your booster seat while we unwrapped goodies. somehow you found a large metal sequin and you just swallowed it. you were choking and gasping and becoming all too silent. this is the second time i have done the baby heimlich and i wouldn’t mind if it was the last time i did it.

but you are teaching your mama a lot about trusting the Lord. i am in a country where i don’t speak the language and i very much doubt 9-1-1 works the same way here.

you are teaching me what 1 samuel 1:27&28 really means, “i prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what i asked of him. so now i give (her) to the Lord. for (her) whole life (she) will be given over to the Lord.”

thanks for being my adorable, snugly, cheerful, beautiful baby girl. i love you mercy adoniyah klein burtt. ♥

your mama

p.s. the last two pictures are what happens when i lay you down on your back and tell you to lay still. it makes you a little mad. why oh why do i find this both cute and hysterical?

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