mercy thrursday + iphone movies

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i have been meaning to do something with all the little videos on my phone. since it’s thursday (mercy’s day of birth, don’t forget) i decided i would upload a few favorites of her!

grammie and pops are coming in may! we are practicing now how to say their names.

our very first care package came from grandma and grandpa. addy was very excited but poor mercy had the worst cold to the point that she couldn’t nurse or use her pacifier. i finally gave her benadryl, so here is the cutest drugged baby ever. 🙂

for being a little thing, mercy really likes big people food. this is chicken and veggie soup mashed up a little…watch her look for more after every bite.

mercy was eating paper and i took it away. then i recorded her tantrum.

mercy was getting ready for bed and started blowing “bubbles” on the coffee table. every time she would do it, addy would ask, “who toot-ed?!”

sarah has been trying to teach mercy how to say “dohdoh” (her nickname) since mercy was born. the day sarah left for california, mercy said “dohdoh” for the first time! now mercy thinks talking about dohdoh is hysterical, which it probably true. ♥

i have more but this should be enough to hold you over if you are mercy’s grandparent and not too much to bore you if you are someone else! 🙂

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