mercy + thursday

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mercy was born on a thursday. addy was born on a friday. i am going to try and post a little something + picture of mercy on thursdays and the same for addy on fridays. we will see how it goes. oh and for the record, pictures of our new home coming soon!

mercy is going to be eight months old. she is busy, busy, busy plus she eats anything and everything she can get her hands on. i’m not talking about food…she enjoys paper, tape, leaves, dirt, caps, lids, pennies…anything you drop on the floor she will eat. we are becoming very clean. she has become a pretty fast crawler but right now she loves standing and walking around the coffee table. she is still 100% mama’s girl. she loves her big sister. she has helped me a lot through the feelings of being homesick and missing my family. she always has a huge, sweet smile for me. ♥

we’ve started wearing shoes. they are too big (yes her foot is still smaller than a size 2) but i’m hoping they help her not fall on the slippery floors when she stands up. maybe the rubber soles will help! this picture is actually on the photo blog that sarah and i are doing together.

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