mercy+iphone {what didn’t get blogged about in june and july}

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and of course, mercy’s vocabulary that i can think of right now. it pretty much cracks up us.
dada (mostly she is imforming me of where in the house he is at all times)
mama (actually this just means, stop everything you are doing and hold me)
ahhhd-eh-eh (addy)
dohhhhhhh (sarah)
doh dat (this means open the computer and summon sarah somehow :-p)
pahhhh (bye in romanian)
gog (dog)
gat (cat)
ap (apa is water in romanian)
ba (sippy cup)
dat (with lots of finger pointing means “give me that” or “i want that”)
guck (yuck which is trash)
babba (i confess, it is yo gabba gabba…normally that means turn the yo gabba gabba dance songs on)
nahn (it can mean simply “no” but it also represents not, never, or any negative type response)
nanuh (banana)
doodit (basically this means, do not assist her because she wants to do it)
hottttt (anything she is not allowed to touch, from the stove to my cup of coffee to the fan)
offffff (take {whatever she is pointing to} off, typically her shoes or socks)
gake (take {whatever she is holding} away)
aaaahhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnn! (turn the music/tv/iphone on)
numnumnum! (feed me at this very moment)

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