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two. my munchkin is two. whew. she is two years old with every ounce of her being.
IMG_1332she puzzles me daily. but honestly this kid has brilliant comprehension. she follows directions in english AND romanian.

IMG_1334she knows all her animals and colors in english AND romanian.

IMG_0797but when it comes to talking?

IMG_0831she opts out.

IMG_1347a little confusing if you must know the truth.

IMG_0980we seem to be understanding each other better every day. for instance if we teach her the ASL sign for the word she is trying to communicate, she will never again forget that sign.

IMG_0879take my word for it.

IMG_1186she signs “marshmallow” 2,498,379 times a day.

IMG_0566whose brilliant idea was it to teach her the sign for marshmallow?!

IMG_0588oh right, me.

IMG_0590but i digress.

IMG_0943i love her with my heart.

IMG_1299she went from a crib to a bed without getting out a single time.

IMG_0353she potty trained in a day. {that might be where the marshmallow addiction came in.}

IMG_1098someday all too soon, she will leave the clingy stage. someday all too soon, she won’t STOP talking. then she will start arguing. before i know it, she won’t want snuggles and kisses and cuddles TWENTY!FOUR!HOURS!ADAY! and you know what? i’m gonna miss it. so for now, i am going to snuggle my spirited two year old with every ounce of my being and thank the Lord for such an awesome gift.


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