merry christmas with love from addy and mercy

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i got the brilliant idea to make christmas videos.


then i actually tried making them.


way more work than i expected.




i got everything ready and started recording this one for grandma and grandpa ducky. then my phone kindly told me that it was too full to keep recording. so the girls went off to play while i downloaded the five million photos and videos on my phone.


then we attempted again. this brief video promptly ends in the power going out. yeah, that’s right.


after finding flashlights, calming panicked children and resetting breakers we once again attempted grandma and grandpa ducky’s video. merry christmas grandma and grandpa. we love and miss you very much!


at this point they were getting a little antsy but we finished successfully. merry christmas, grammie, pops and dora (and i believe gypsy, jackie and even watson). we cannot wait to see you in 2013!


merry christmas uncle aaron, auntie cacey, spencer and emma. we miss you guys. thank you for coming to visit us. we can’t wait to see you in two days, according to addy!


this video was going to be for uncle andrew and auntie casey but addy decided it was for “naughty drewgie, auntie casey princess and t!” sorry timothy, you don’t get your own video! thanks for being pretty cool uncles and an awesome auntie princess!


we ended here…they were pretty much done. obviously i should have spread it out over a few days…live and learn for sure. merry christmas to all our friends far away from us! we love and miss you guys!

and then mercy threw a tantrum. you know, cause she has christmas spirit and all!

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