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so one question i’ve been asked is – – why do you want to wait to find out what this baby is? answer – – we want something to be a surprise. if you don’t remember, addy didn’t want to be born. i didn’t go into labor until forty-two weeks pregnant followed by two days of labor and hours of pushing, all medicine free until finally a spinal and a c-section. we are definitely having this baby at the same hospital and at this point that hospital doesn’t allow vbacs. sooooooooo all that to say, we already know this baby will come on may 27th, which is why we decided we want to mix a little suspense in.


another question is – – what about little man? we don’t know much more than we did six weeks ago. the biggest development is that we know little man is on a reunification plan but those can always change with time. birth mom has about five tasks she has to complete weekly for the next six months. we also know little man needs a lot of prayer. developmentally and behaviorally, he is harder than any parenting, babysitting or nanny-ing i have ever done. we are pretty sure he was exposed to meth during pre-natal development. we also know he was extremely neglected. besides that, we just take one day at a time, because that’s about all we can handle!


addy is doing pretty well – – very two at times aka very strong willed. i am amazed daily at how much she understands and consequently how important it is that i am diligently disciplining and discipline her (oooh tongue twister!). i have had this conversation with her more than once:
me: addy who does Jesus love?
addy: me!
me: and what does Jesus tell addy to do?
addy: obey…
me: who does Jesus tell addy to obey?
addy: mama and daddy and doh doh
me: are you obeying?
addy: nooooooooooo….


addy is also going to have a birthday this month. we are keeping it very small and hopefully less overwhelming. we are celebrating it the day after thanksgiving when all four grandparents, aunts, uncles and her two cousins will be here. besides that, she is just going to have three little “girlfriends” over. sarah and i are sticking to polka dots, rainbow candies, balloons and of course a little elmo. we are starting the week with disneyland with grammie, pops and cousins emma and spencer (oh and some aunties and uncles i guess). we will end the week but getting our christmas tree and putting up all our decorations. i love this time of year!


lastly, moldova…the Lord amazes me with his provision even now. we haven’t even gotten there and the Lord is already working out the details to our residency visas. wow, huh?! we’ve just started the long path of craig’s list and garage sales. what can go now and what goes in a year? need anything in particular? you can place a hold on it. 😀


and on that note, i am going to head back to bed…hopefully. you may notice this is being posted at 2am. i actually went to bed at 9:30 which was 8:30 thanks to the time change. but little baby bean in there decided to spice it up and make me want to puke in the middle of the night and has kept me awake since 1am. which is why i am sitting here, typing and eating rice chex (saltine crackers for the gluten free).


p.s. the pictures are a second trip to the pumpkin patch with uncle nate, auntie dina, grace and zachary. the girls had a blast!

**flashback photos**
addy and grace’s first pumpkin patch was october 2009 – – at least this proves addy’s hair is kind of growing!



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