montana (and a little canada) in pictures, part one

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eureka, montana

some memorial...not sure why at the park

yeah, i was pretty tempted...

it says 1915

kootenai + canada + usa = koocanusa

leaving eureka

on to canada!

need a drink of water?

why does she look so old?!

smiling girl!

fernie, canada was beautiful

ice cream in canada

fall colors + christian's favorite road sign

closer view

canada is exhausting!

our montana grandmas ♥

they got addy a "peekaboo" bear

♥ miss berta and miss jo ♥

selah, addy's bff from montana

so cute but so fiesty together!

mr. randy spinning the girls

hmmm, who thinks randy and karen need a girl?

"ugly dolls" background

half of an awesome family!

cool whitefish park

no fear

she doesn't want any help

she wants to be completely independent, hmmmm

mama's pretty girl ♥

oh spencer man ♥

"addy, what are you doing?"

"she is rapunzel..."

"and i am her mama!"

ask toddlers to smile for the camera...

and you get this instead!

selah gave addy her binky and it had dirt on it!

she was going "night-night"

what can i say? she's a natural!

shaylene sharing with addy ♥

miss michelle letting addy see the big horses

caleb letting addy brush the little horses!

she LOVED every minute of it

at the end she said, "okay cayeb, yet's get another!"

auntie barbara would be proud!

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