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hello friends. hello family.


it’s been an interesting week…and a bit of a long one!

i finally took addy to the doctors last week because she was the only kid not getting over the cold they all shared over new years. ends up, her’s had turned into bronchitis with asthma.


just when she was getting better and sleeping better, she became baby cranky and i thought she was relapsing…then we noticed swollen gums…and at least 4 (maybe 6) teeth coming in!


i wanted to go backwards in time however and share a few pictures from january 1st and 2nd. we were able to FINALLY meet our niece and cousin, emma nichole klein and it was amazing! she is adorable in every way, with huge brown eyes and a smile that lights up her entire countenance. i realized that christian and i are not in any of the pictures, i guess because taking care of four children is a little distracting. b is not in any of the pictures, because, well she was sitting in a corner not getting what she wanted and i decided THAT didn’t need to be photographed!









i am learning a lot. christian is learning a lot. sometimes i try to do it on my own and i feel like giving up and then i am reminded that we aren’t doing this alone…god is doing it and we are just helping. perspective helps. and of course early morning devos with my pj-clad, beanie-wearing, pancake-eating goof ball. 🙂



some days are so good. and some days are so hard. and some days, well they are just this kind of day:



on top of everything else this week, we actually had RAIN! and i mean real, not southern california-style rain! it has poured off and on since sunday! sunday evening we had a movie, popcorn and peach cobbler night (because monday was a school holiday)!


ah, yes…they share sooooo well!



the rain has really intrigued my oldest two, who have only seen snow once thanks to our christmas trip up north. a is still shocked that she actually has to still go to school with all that wetness coming down from the sky! here are a few random pictures i took while they were eating lunch and staring outside at the rain. notice how they take turns smiling, being weird, being grumpy…i don’t think i will ever get just one good picture!






yes, the toddlers are actually easier!

a very big thanks to the grandmas, who provided us with some adorable new outfits for christmas. this is one of said outfits:





yes, i do have my slippers on in this picture. memories, yes. perfection, no.

a few last pictures before i take a shower this morning!


a’s first day of school and a present from her new teacher, ms. c!


addy drinking a bottle when she was sick and a sharing some snuggles with her



addy wakes up at 7a, before the other girls. this is one of the ways she helps mama. who needs toys when you have granola bars and empty oatmeal containers?

oh and a smidge of advertising before i end this post. we are reading “the heart of anger” by lou priolo (thanks gma klein). it’s not just for out of control “angry” kids…it’s for all kids. if you have kids, this is a book you should read. it is really helping us go from having a one year old to having a seven year old!


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  • mama klein says:

    Nice post, especially for the grandmothers! BTW, my favorite picture is of the two oldest girls in their new dresses with their hands on their hips….it reminds me of another picture I have of you!