my artistic daughter

addy's sense of fashion gets me!

i think addy has the potential to be an artist. i know as parents we love to brag about our kids abilities and that’s not a bad thing. but this is different. this is actual reflecting about her strengths and talents (versus her weaknesses). for those of you who don’t know, i was a teacher. i loved my credentialing and child development classes. i loved learning about pavlov’s dogs and gardner’s intelligences. i was the math major that scored higher in visual/spatial, tactile/kinesthetic and musical than i did in logical/mathematical. one thing i know from my own mom…let your kids develop their own intellects yet pursue their own dreams too. i loved learning mathematics in a very spatial and tactile way.

all that to say, i think my oldest is very visual already. we know she ain’t auditory. she watches things and memorizes them. she can tell me where we are headed and we’ve only lived here two months. i told her we were going to church (we usually take the 17 trolley bus) and when we got on the 23 bus she said to me, “mama i think we take the one-seven to church.” what?!

she can write her name decently good for three years old. she actually can control the pen and write, “up-down-across, a…circle-up, d…” she took an art class when i was pregnant with mercy and she l-o-v-e-d it. she was completely at home making a disaster in the studio. 🙂 she was, of course, the teacher’s pet. oh my.

we try and do some sort of art every day because she loves it just that much. this is one example of how i see her artistic ability developing. she wanted to sew with me, so i told her to draw me a picture of a monster and then we would make a stuffed monster from it. she asked me to help her but i told her she had to draw her own monster. she wasn’t looking at any pictures. she just brought me her finished product which surprised me because i think it is really detailed for a three year old!

but this one really got us. she was drawing with christian. she was tracing a picture in a coloring book and christian said, “why don’t you draw that picture right here.” she started drawing this, which we thought was just a funky looking person. now mind you they were sitting at the table across from each other.

christian asked her “is that the top of his head” (where those toothpick looking lines are) and she answered, “no dada that’s the teeth…here is the head and the hair and the eyes and the nose and the ears.” she had actually drawn the picture in perfect placement only she had drawn it upside down so that it would be right side up for dada to see. i find that strangely weird!
maybe i’m completely wrong. maybe my kid is actually going to be a laid back, slow talking professor. maybe she is going to be a quirky, large animal veterinarian. but maybe, just maybe i’m calling it early and we are actually related to the next picasso or escher!

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