my pensive one ♥

tuesday the first of may was international worker’s day (aka labor day). we had a church picnic and it was a blast. watching my two girls at the picnic, i found myself so intrigued and amazed at how different the Lord has made my daughters.


we got to the picnic and mercy was immediately serious. i set her on this blanket and she didn’t move. mind you this kid can move. fast. but suddenly surrounded by new faces and a new location she had no intention of exploring.


she just sat there for over thirty minutes analyzing that green shovel.


after lunch she did crawl around a little with liam but she didn’t go exploring like normal.


a little later i tried taking a few pictures of her and dada but we could not get her to crack a smile. nothing. and she definitely wouldn’t let dada take her pacifier out of her mouth.

okay she cracked a little smile trying to get her mama to hold her.


the crazy part of it was that after being there for almost five hours, she finally felt comfortable and started smiling and being sociable. she just needed time i guess.


and that is what makes her completely, amazingly, sweetly…


unique ♥

Marie Klein Burtt

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