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last year i was amazing and posted twenty-five days of christmas.


this year? not so much.


although i have managed to do something with the girls almost every day. and hopefully i will take more pictures.
we have been doing this advent and really enjoying it. i will say that we summarize a lot because it is still too old for the girls. we also have a little advent christmas calendar with a candy in each pocket. we light our reading candle, get the candy, find the picture hidden on the tree and then read.


i was thinking about nativities and wishing i had brought one. i really want to get the girls this one and me this one. but that is in my dreams, of course! there is always next year. all was not lost, however, because i found this super amazing printable nativity. the benefits are many. print one for each of your kids. let them color to their heart’s content. if they consume a nativity piece, simply print a replacement. we put a little twist on it and glued it to thick construction paper, cut them out and then glued the pieces to jumbo popsicle sticks.
the results were perfect. each girl plays with theirs, has a puppet show, reenacts, etc. they were the highlight of tonight’s advent. yay printables.


anyway, i hope you find some of these resources helpful and fun for your family also!


her finished product


trying to get baby Jesus in the manger


borrowing one of sissy’s pieces {while mercy is unaware}


{mercy aware}


playing with their nativity scenes


puppet show nativity


adding a few more colors to her stable


self entertaining = happy mama


advent candy that is actually a whistle (anyone else think of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?”)


mercy answering “where is your lolly pop?”


dada doing advent with his girls and mercy’s obvious need for hair intervention {dohdoh}


our awesome little advent tree and our “reading candle”


just a close up view of mercy’s hair crisis


addy’s fashionable nativity in pinks, blues and purples


mercy’s much more traditional nativity in red and orange

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