not quite the morning i imagined.

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I never get sick. I have every digestion issue in the world but germs typically skip me and only affect those around me. I guess it’s a kindness from Jesus since I have so many allergy issues.


But sometimes I get a cold. Typically it is connected to lack of sleep and the consumption of sugar and then I might succumb to germs.


Which is precisely what I did since my sister was here! So here I am this morning, trying to take a shower but giving up and taking meds instead, fighting the urge to crawl back in bed, trying to get Addy ready for school…when Mercy let out THAT cry. That true pain, heart wrenching, blood curdling cry…the one where they can’t even catch their own breath, it hurts enough. It’s that cry that makes me cry.


Guess my monkey was climbing, lost her balance and collided with our metal window frame. She will live (although my bloody towel might not)!






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